Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Me Against The World

My laws Life rules
Are these laws of mine.

Law 1
Don't trust anybody
Once you do
They will betray you

Law 2
Keep your friends close
But your enemies closer.
Because you enemies will be the most honest people you'll ever meet

Law 3
Don't fall in love
It may feel good for 2 weeks
Or if you're lucky
6 months
But it's too risky
The pain is too much to bear

Law 4
Don't live in the past
Live for the future
Live each moment as if it was your last
Have no regrets whatsoever

As for the earlier laws
Forget them
To live by those laws
Is to live a very lonely and stressful life
I've paid for it my entire life

Me Against The World


mumu said...

suke ngn sume laws y akk wt..keep on it bebeh!!..
ati2 ngn environment skang peace no war!!..may GOD bless us owez..amin..=)

syuk said...


im loving this entry!